CourseMastermind: 5 Ways to Improve Your Skincare & Service Menu

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Are you struggling with marketing your skincare business? Do you know the difference between promotions and incentives? Are you looking for a marketing plan that you can use for 12 months or longer?

If you have replied to yes to any of these questions, this online course is just for you!

For only 5 weeks this intense online training will give you tried and true ways, tips and marketing plan for you to incorporate into your skincare business. Each week we will explore, chat and discuss the difference between marketing promotions and incentives for your returning customers.

Week 1: Understanding the difference between promotions & incentives...NO MORE DISCOUNTS

Week 2: 12-Month Marketing Plan based on holidays/seasons for the salon and on social media

Week 3: Social Media on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter with #hashtags and Memes

Week 4: Client Appreciation Day: Reward Client Referrals, Offer Packages Just Once a Year!

Week 5: Facebook Business Fanpage Help: When to boost posts, connect to your website and how to collect emails.

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